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Do you hunt? Then you can't live without this rifle! Just think of what you can do to prey that usually gathers in groups...rats, rabbits, raccoons, possums, crows....Plus, the shrouded barrel makes this so quiet, you won't spook your prey. No sense in using a single-shot when you've got a Blizzard S10


  • Details

    PowerCal.22:>60joules,Cal.177:>50joules,Low power available

    CockingSide-lever (SL),Rear-bolt(RB),Side-bolt(SB)

    Weight6.61 lbs

    Barrel Length26.87",26.83"-SHB

    Overall Length40.55",43.00"-SHB



    Scopeable12mm,20mm dovetail

    Trigger adjtTwo-stage adjustable (Multi adjustable trigger with 3 positions)

    Apprx.Trigger pull2.00 lbsl

    Suggested forSmall game hunting/plinking


    PowerplantPre-charged pneumatic


    10-shot circular clip

    Precharged pneumatic

    Sidelever (very easy to cock!)

    Shrouded barrel seriously reduces the report(available)

    320cc air reservoir

    200 bar (2,900 psi) fill pressure

    Quick-disconnect fill system

    Approx.25-30 shots on high power (before needing a refill)

    Approx.150 shots on low power (before needing a refill)

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