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The only proven biodegradable Airsoft BB
The Blaster Bio BB’S have been tested and approved to comply with the standard and directive mentioned in the TÜV certificate. The Blaster Bio BB's are good all-round Airsoft BB's, particularly suited for spring pistols and rifles, along with standard AEG solutions.

Weight: 0.25 g
Color: White.
3000 pcs. Bottle.

0.25 g - Are very popular for most Airsoft AEGs, gas and CO2 rifles and pistols. They give very good range and accuracy.

When handling biodegradable products it is important to treat the products with proper care. For best results we recommend following these simple steps:

Avoid direct contact with hands. We recommend using a speedloader.
Do not store unused/leftover BIO BBs in a magazine after shooting. All unused Bio BBs should be stored in a tightly sealed bottle – including a bag for removing moisture.
The BIO BB’s should be stored in temperatures between 10° – 40° celsius.
The BIO BBs should not be subjected to moist conditions.
The BIO BBs should not be stored in direct sunlight.

Product Image Blaster Bio 0,20g Airsoft BB -3000 p

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