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Steyr AUG A2 value pack

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    A Discovery line value pack with a fully licensed Steyr AUG A2 with authentic markings. One of the most versatile Airsoft guns available, it's bull-pup design combines a compact gun with a full length barrel, providing a airsoft gun that is ideal for room clearing and CQB. It is well balanced, lightweight and simple to operate. The AUG features a top rail for mounting scopes or dot-sights. The Discovery line Steyr AUG A2 is an ideal starter gun, lightweight and affordable.

    Folding front handle.
    Fits mini type battery.
    Semi/full-auto selector trigger.
    Authentic markings.
    330rd. Hi-cap magazine.

    Value Package:
    The Value Package is an excellent value and perfect for entry level players. It comes with 200rds of Precision Grade 0.20g BB's, a 8.4V Nickle Metal Hydride Battery, High Quality Battery Charger with improved electronic circuitry.

    The A2 version of the Steyr AUG is the updated version of the AUG series (Armee Universal Gewehr) licensed by Steyr Mannlicher, Austria. On the A2 you get an accessory rail where you can mount your preferred aiming device.

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